L'Oreal LeMatte & LaLaque Review and Swatches

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L'Oreal Colour Riche LeMatte & LaLaque

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Do you like matte lipsticks? How about a twist up lipliner/lipstick combo? Yeah, I knew you couldn't resist. I couldn't either when I spotted these limited edition collection by L'Oreal. I'm a matte lover but somehow I find matte lipsticks uncomfortable to wear and within an hour they start to peel in the inner corners and the inner part of my lips. It's just not a pretty sight to see, so needless to say a matte lipstick with staying power is something I'm always on the lookout for. 

The collection contains four shades in the LeMatte and four shades in the LaLaque formula. I didn't pick all of the colors because the display only had these left. I'm actually quite happy I got to try two of each formula. 

The LeMatte formula is very opaque when it came to the two shades I purchased which are "She's so Matte & Matte For Me". They packaging is quite nice with the twist up option and a lid that stays on tightly. The packaging color reflects the color inside the tube which makes it easy to select a shade. Wear time is amazing with these matte formulas. I wore the matte shades for a solid 6 hours and my lips looked perfect. They didn't feel crunchy nor did they peel or feel gross. I drank out of a straw and ate and I still had perfect color on my lips. I'm really impressed with these. 

The LaLaque formula is opaque but very sticky and harder to apply than the matte shades. The two colors I purchased are " Never Lacque-ing and Laquer-ized". I found that these crumbled when applying while the matte shades where harder in texture and gave a more percise application. The application with these was tough! I had to rotate the stick to keep using the sharper end to get the edges straight and it felt the more I layered the stickier and nastier it felt on my lips. Within a couple of hours I had the dreadful line in my inner mouth from the color. I find the colors in the LaLaque beautiful but not pleasant on the lips for my taste. Perhaps taking a lipstick brush and trying to apply the product lightly to the lips with more precision will help this product but for me it's not my favorite. I toughed it out and only got about 2 hours of wear from the pink and 1 hour of the nude color. 

All-in-all, I love all types of formulas in lipsticks but the LaLaques where a dud for me. The LeMattes are amazing and I absolutely love them! If I run across the other two colors I will post swatches. This review was my personal opinions of this product, I'd like to hear your thoughts on these. 

I have only seen these at Bed Bath & Beyond, if anyone spots them elsewhere please comment below so others can find these as well. 


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